Good morning, everyone ~ wavey

Sometimes Maxi will really catch me by surprise with the things he has to say, giving out an opinion or a point of view I wouldn't have guessed he had.

The Halloween Maxi was 5, I made him a beautiful King Arthur costume, using an expensive silver sequin fabric as the "chain mail" tunic. I made his good friend Lindsay a matching costume so she could be Guenivere.

King Arthur had been Maxi's beloved hero for a few years by then and oh! how delighted he was with that shiney tunic!! After Halloween he wore it everywhere for about three years. To play, to school, to church. He was Arthur in that thing and was always reluctant to take it off. But the time finally came when I had to put it away in the sentimental bin as it no longer fit.

This week I've been planning a special sewing project to make myself some jabots. My sister Ro, a most excellent seamstress, suggested I save myself much time and aggravation by making one of the jabots out of a portion of Maxi's King Arthur tunic.

I was appalled! What, cut up the child's favorite tunic and break his heart? He'll be devestated at the very thought! I can't possibly do such a thing to the lad. Well, big sister convinced me that I could at least mention it to him casually to get an indication of where his feelings were, so I did.

So while he and I were chatting away conversationally, I said "Hey Maxi, can Mama cut your King Arthur tunic to make a very special scarf for Saturday night?"

He looked at me with some surprise and said "What? That Old Relic?! " shocked that I even thought it had any redeeming value or that he'd care about it.

The kid decked me with that one. Apparently, I care much more about the sentimental value of that tunic than he does! What a surprise.

So now I can cut it to bits and wear it with pride, a remnant of Maxi's little boy days glittering around my neck.