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Hardiness Zone Area Data for South Carolina (SC)

South Carolina (SC) USDA Zone Map
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State Information Data for South Carolina (SC)

Statehood May 23rd, 1788
Capital Columbia
Official Flag South Carolina (SC) Flag
Approximate Size Total: 32,020 sq mi (82,931 km2)
Width: 200 miles (320 km)
Length: 260 miles (420 km)
% Water: 6
Highest Point Sassafras Mt. (3,560)
Counties 46
Population 4,723,723 (2012)
Electoral Votes 9
State Quarter Issued May 22nd, 2000
Official Motto Dum spiro spero Animis opibusque parati (While I breathe, I hope Ready in soul and resource)
Official Flower Carolina Yellow Jessamine
Official Bird Great Carolina Wren
Nickname The Palmetto State
Area Code(s) 803, 843, 864
Posted on May 8th, 2014
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