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Weather Predicting Original Storm Glass · Video

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Storm Glasses are amazing devices that have been used by sailors to forecast storms for hundreds of years. It gained popularity back in 1859 after the Royal Charter Storm, and the Crown distributed Storm Glasses to many small fishing communities around the British Isles.
- The Storm Glass is a sealed glass container containing a liquid that changes based on the weather conditions. It can predict sunny weather, cloudy weather, thunderstorms, and blizzards.
- Storm Glass is a great conversation starter - making it an ideal corporate gift.
- It is an exclusive addition to your interiors in your living room, office space, or bedroom.
- This gift is suitable for all age groups, may it be for adults or children.

The Storm Glass can forecast different weather conditions in the following manner:
- The liquid is clear: sunny and bright
- There are crystals at the bottom: thick air, frost
- The liquid is dim with small stars: thunderstorms
- There are large flakes: heavy air, overcast and snow during the winter
- Crystal threads form on the upper part of the liquid: windy weather
- There are small dots: fog, damp weather
- Flakes rise and remain at the top: wind in the upper air regions
- There are small stars: during a sunny winter day, it will snow in one or two days
- The higher the crystals rise, the colder it will be during winter

And always keep in mind - a Storm Glass is beautiful work of art, however you should always check your local broadcasts for more precise weather forecasts!
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 24th, 2019
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