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Philly Taco Is The Ultimate Food Mashup · Video

The Philly taco was created by Jeff Barg and Adam Gordon in 2003. The Philly taco was intended as a challenge on South Street (Philadelphia), the location of the stores where challengers needed to buy the pizza slice, and then buy the cheese steak a block away, and then assemble the dish. The dish was then created by wrapping the Lorenzo's pizza slice around a Jim's Steaks cheese steak.

In 2003, Barg wrote about the dish in the Philadelphia Weekly as "the Lorenzo's-Jim's Challenge" in the "Top 5 of the moment". On The Pizza Show featured episode, Barg acknowledged that he did not mention that it was: "...something that my friend and I made up, I wrote about it as though it were 'a thing' that people do. And then it became a thing that people do, and now it's become this great Philly institution.".

As a "combination" dish, it has been described the Philly Insiders' Michael Klein as "...a turducken for drunks and stoners.".
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 17th, 2019
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