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Home Made DIY Glass Bottle Cutter · Video

Home Made DIY Glass Bottle Cutter
this video is of a bottle cutter i made to cut bottles

00:22 cuts broom handle and attaches to threaded bar
00:40 sands broom handle to a point
01:15 glues broom handle to the threaded bar
01:41 cuts 3 lengths of wood
02:06 cut and chisels
02:47 fits together and marks up for holes
03:41 glues and screws
04:50 drills holes for glass cutter
05:33 Test
Posted By Gremelin Posted on April 27th, 2018
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Comments and Attributions

Uploaded By: Sean Beardon
Source: YouTube
Upload Date: October 5th, 2014 at 10:22:00 pm
Upload Tags: glass, bottle, cutter, string, recycled, Kipkay, crazyrussianhacker, how to, home made, tutorial, DIY, craft, hack, the king of random, art, cut, cutting, wine, beer, vodka, recycling, recycle, greenpowerscience, how, to, tips, tricks, home, made, hobby, making, Home Made DIY Glass Bottle Cutter


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