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VGSD · Victory Gardens San Diego

Helping people start growing their own food through collaborative garden builds, hands-on garden education and community outreach.

Victory Gardens San Diego (VGSD) is a program of San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project and works hand-in-hand with several San Diego food-movement groups to further our mission.

VGSD Values
• Eating nutritious, locally grown organic food.
• Promoting genuine empowerment, practical knowledge and self-sufficiency.
• Fostering community, skill sharing and information exchange, reconnecting people to food history and its traditions.
growing food in innovative spaces.
• Encouraging a greater understanding of food systems and their connections to local and global sustainability issues.
• We help anyone seeking an active role in their own food production!

Since our inception in March of 2009, VGSD has helped many new gardeners develop almost 100 home, community, school and organizational gardens. These activities have involved hundreds of volunteers and thousands of volunteer service hours to help San Diegans create a healthier, more local food system.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on September 20th, 2018
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