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IGCA · International Garden Centre Association

Aims of IGCA
The International Garden Centre Association exists to provide a forum for the mutual exchange of information and benefit of similar minded independent garden retailers on a world-wide basis.

The objective is achieved through
Aim Of The IGCA An Annual Congress held for one week in the fall, each year in a different host country. This comprises of a business meeting, which elects officials and administers the affairs of the Association, a concentrated business study tour and an excellent social programme. Individual Study Tours organized on an ad hoc basis by national groups which have special learning requirements.

The International Garden Centre Association is committed to improve the state of the art of the Garden Centre Industry.

To improve this, IGCA is
• organising annual congresses, offering Garden Centre visits, workshops, lectures, experience exchange platforms and social events
• networking with National Garden Centre Associations to exchange best practices, ideas, methods and experience in order to offer added value to the individual Garden Centres
• offering a communication platform for the young generation to establish them in the Garden Centre business and to take advantage of the IGCA network
• offering a contact platform to the green industry, the trade press to exchange information and experience
• establishing contacts to similar branch associations and/or horticultural institutions
Posted By Gremelin Posted on September 15th, 2018
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