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BIG · Bio Intensive Gardening

Biointensive gardening focuses a lot on the quality of the soil. When farmers use biointensive gardening, they will loosen up the soil at least twice as deep as normal gardening preparations. This way, their plants’ roots can penetrate through the soil deeper and get more nutrients and water from deep underground.

Another important aspect of biointensive soil building is compost. It is important to return nutrients into the soil after plants have taken them out of the soil. With a biointensive planting method, you will put compost, usually made up of dry leaves and straw, kitchen scraps and clippings from the yard, back into the soil by mixing it into the ground really deep. It will allow for larger yields for crops because the soil will be more nutrient rich.

Biointensive sustainable garden plants include any plants you can plant in your garden. The difference is how they are grown. You will place your plants in more space saving arrangements, and this way your biointensive gardening efforts will be fruitful. Farmers are using the land more efficiently, and are able to plant more in the space they have.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on September 15th, 2018
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