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Row Cover

A Row Cover (or Cloche) is any material used as a protective covering to shield plants (usually vegetables) primarily from the undesirable effects of cold and wind, and also from insect damage.

Row Cover is usually a lightweight synthetic, such as clear plastic or polyester. It is placed directly above rows of crops on a supporting framework (often on wire hoops to form a low tunnel) and usually left in place for several weeks until crops are well established.

A Floating Row Cover is an extremely lightweight Row Cover fabric that can be placed directly over plants, without need for a supporting framework; instead it is simply anchored to the ground against the wind.

A protective tunnel formed with Row Cover is sometimes called a Cloche. More often, a Cloche, or Bell Jar, refers to a covering made of glass or plastic, placed over individual plants to provide similar protection as row cover.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on May 8th, 2014
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