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Damping Off

Damping Off is a horticultural disease or condition, caused by a number of different pathogens that kill or weaken seeds or seedlings before or after they germinate. It is most prevalent in wet and cool conditions.

There are various symptoms associated with Damping Off; these reflect the variety of different pathogenic organisms which can cause the condition. However all symptoms result in the death of at least some seedlings in any given population.

Groups of seedlings may die in roughly circular patches, the seedlings sometimes having stem lesions at ground level. Stems of seedlings may also become thin and tough ("wire-stem") resulting in reduced seedling vigor. Leaf spotting sometimes accompanies other symptoms, as does a grey mold growth on stems and leaves. Roots sometimes rot completely or back to just discolored stumps.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on May 8th, 2014
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