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Terminology Listing
Acid Soil Acre Adventitious Shoot
Aerate Aeration Aerial Top Dressing
Air Layering Alkaline Soil Annual
Aphids Aquatic Plants Arbor
Arboretum Backfill Bare Root
Basal Shoot Bedding Plant Belgian Fence
Bell Jar Biennial Black Spot
Bolting Bonsai Botanical Latin
Bottle Garden Brown Rot Bud
Bulb Butterfly Garden Clay Soil
Cloche Cloning Companion Planting
Complete Fertilizer Compost Container Gardening
Damping Off Dead Heading Deciduous
Dethatching Dibber Dibble Stick
Dividing Division Dormancy
Double Digging Double Flower Drip Line
Dwarf Epiphyte Erosion
Espalier Evaporation Evergreen
Fertilizer Foliar Feeding Frost
Gazebo Genus Germinate
Girdling Grafting Granular Fertilizer
Green Manure Greenhouse Ground Cover
Grove Growing Season Growth Elements
Guano Habitat Half-Hardy Plants
Harden Off Hardiness Hardiness Zone
Hardpan Hardscape Hardy Plants
Hedge Heirloom Plant Herbaceous
Honeydew Horticulture Hummingbird Garden
Humus Hybrid Hydroculture
Hydroponics Indigenous Indirect Sunlight
Inflorescence Infructescence Landscaping
Larva Lath Lattice
Layering Leaching Leaf Mold
Light Shade Loam Macrantha
Macronutrients Manure Marcotting
Meter Microclimate Micronutrients
Monoecious Moon Garden Moss
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Mound Layering Mowing Strip Mulch
Native Naturalize Neem Oil
Neutral Neutral Soil Nitrate of Soda
Nitrification Nitrogen Node
Nursery Nutrient Jelly Old Roses
Orchard Organic Organic Gardening
Organic Material Ornamental Ouklip
Pathogen Peat Moss Peduncle
Perennial Pergola Perlite
Pest Pesticide pH Level
Phosphorus Photosynthesis Plantation
Pollination Potassium Potting Soil
Pressure Treated Wood Pruning Raised Bed
Regionally Appropriate Relative Humidity Retaining Wall
Rhizome Ring Barking Rock Garden
Root Ball Root Rot Root Sprout
Root Suckers Root Tubers Rootbound
Rooting Hormone Rootstalks Rosette
Row Cover Runner SAHM
Sandy Soil Sapling Scarification
Scientific Name Scion Seed Pod
Slow Release Fertilizer Sod Soil Amendment
Solariztion Sphagnum Spore
Staking Stem Tuber Stolon
Stratification Succulent Sucker
Surculose Systemic Tap Root
Tender Plants Tendril Terrarium
Thatch Thinning Till
Top Dressing Topiary Topsoil
Transpiration Transplant Transplant Shock
Trellis Tuber Umbel
USDA Zone Variegation Vermiculite
Vernacular Name Vernalization Vine
Volunteer Wall Garden Wardian Case
Water Sprout Wildlife Garden Willow Water
Wounding Xeriscape Yard
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