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Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy

The 9424 Garden Bucket Caddy by Fiskars makes it easy to carry all of your essentials when you're out in the garden. It fits snugly on a five-gallon bucket, freeing up the internal space for dirt, yard waste or supplies. Deep, large pockets provide ample space for tools, gloves, beverages and even a cell phone. Sturdy canvas construction is light, durable and easy to clean. The Bucket Caddy has a Lifetime warranty.

- Ideal for transporting a variety of small tools, beverages, your cell phone and more
- Frees up internal bucket space for yard waste or other items
- Includes nine deep pockets and two "pencil" pockets
- Durable, easy-to-clean canvas construction offers lasting value
- Fits five-gallon buckets (bucket and tools not included)

Purchase Link: Click Here
Posted on May 8th, 2014 · Updated on December 3rd, 2017
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Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy · Pictures

Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy


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