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Gardening Tasks and Projects for January

What to do in the garden in January.
What to do in the Garden this Month
Be sure to feed birds and other critters that may not be able to find food on the ground because of the snow! For only a couple of dollars you can feed (and save) a large number of wild life!

If you don't have a feeder and there is snow on the ground you could place a scrap of wood, carpet, or cardboard and create a temporary feeding area and best of all it'll be easy to clean off from a snowfall by simply turning over your makeshift feeding area.

You don't have to be a bird watcher to enjoy the feeling of helping your local wildlife, it'll reward you later in the year.

If you've had a few warm days and your plants and bulbs think the changing of the seasons is near it would probably be a good idea to add a thick layer of mulch and a little compost to protect any new growth.

It'd be a good idea to shake off your tree branches and shrubs; the snow won't pose a threat but if your branches become wet and frozen the weight can increase dramatically. Branches become more brittle when plants are dormant and additional weight may snap them off.

You can use fireplace ashes as fertilizer for plants that thrive in alkaline soil. It'd also be a good idea to turn the soil if the ground is workable (not too frozen).

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House Plant Care and Maintenance
Don't forget about your indoor plants, dust can clog the pores of leaf's, so clean them off if you notice any accumulations; always use room temperature water when watering or misting house plants!

House plants that're actively growing will benefit from liquid plant fertilizer. It'd be a good idea to close curtains or blinds behind your house plants, never place them between the curtain and the window!

Make sure that your plants have sufficient humidity by setting them on a tray filled with moistened clean pebbles or by setting a dish of water nearby.

Keep a close eye for insects on your house plants; if you have a greenhouse, be sure to check those plants as well!

Odds and Ends
You can take some extra time this month to get your spring gardening tools ready! Sharpen and oil shovels, shears, and your mower. It'd also be a good idea to preform a tuneup on your power tools such as weed eaters and lawn mowers; a new spark plug, air filter, and changing the oil will go a long way.

It's not too early to begin thinking of your garden design; maybe some new plantlings come to mind? You might want to create a map of your garden to use as a guide for ordering new seedlings, starts, and plants from catalogs that should start arriving in your mailbox soon!We hope you have a Safe and Happy New Year!
Posted on May 8th, 2014


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