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Bucket Boss Extreme Gear Bucket Organizer · Review

The Bucket Boss Extreme Fatback Bucket Tool Organizer transforms a 5 gallon bucket into a well of organization. It's made of 1680 denier nylon for industrial quality, and it features over 60 pockets, many of which are reinforced with rubber to ensure they last for years no matter what they contain. Some of the most notable pockets are the drill holster, which straps in a drill for easy carrying, and the padded safety glasses pocket that keeps your safety glasses protected. This organizer also comes with a rain and dust cover to keep your tools protected from the dust you stir up on the job and any rain or moisture you may come across.

• Rubber reinforced pockets - Holds all contents secure.
• Built-in Dust/Security Cover - Keeps the elements out.
• Junk Drawer - Great for storing all those odds and ends.
• Eyeglass Pocket - Protects and keeps them where you can find them.
• 1680 denier fabric - Will wear forever.

Toolbox, meet bucket. Enough pockets to carry your essential tools; enough for a basic toolbox that will hold your everyday items anyway. Especially handy for those, like me, who do not like to wear a tool belt.

The Pro's
The fabric is rugged and feels nearly indestructible. It comes with a "Junk Drawer" accessory bag with a mesh reinforcement inside the plastic so that if it ends up punctured you'll still end up with a usable bag. There is a rubber coating in key areas which will addresses wear patterns.

The amount and size of pockets was well thought out; even on the inside of the bucket. The organization on both the inside and the outside help keep the bucket from just becoming a dump to a mess of tools. I use the outside for my more frequently used tools, and the inside for those that aren't too common.

The Con's
It could use smaller pockets or inserts for slender items such as pen's, pencil's, nails, screws, or other slender objects.

Final Thoughts
This is an excellent product that I would recommend over the cheaper bucket organizers out there, especially if you plan to get a lot of use out of it as it'll weather any abuse you throw at it.

Product Link: Click Here (External Link)
Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)
Posted on May 21st, 2014
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Bucket Boss Extreme Gear Bucket Organizer · Pictures

Bucket Boss Extreme Gear Bucket Organizer


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