Bakery bread, Italian or French.
One bulb of garlic.
Four to five hot peppers, preferred or mixed.
Olive oil, just enough.

Peal and chop garlic. Remove seeds from peppers and chop. Combine in a small bowl and add enough olive oil so that it can be spooned on and spread easily with the back of the spoon.

275 degrees for about 7 minutes. You want to warm the bread and crisp the crust but you don't want to cook the garlic. It's better on the grill (uncovered) because you can get real crispy bread without cooking the garlic. Raw garlic is key, it's sweet and mild.

Tweak it anyway you want. Chopped fresh dill after it's cooked. Sun dried or fresh fried tomatoes, parmesan cheese or whatever before you cook. No soft cheese!

If you follow the instructions it will look like there is way too much garlic but there isn't.

Good bread, good oil and you can't go wrong.