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Beef Grassfed vs amp quot Grainfed amp quot most b

Beef - Grassfed vs "Grainfed" (most beef sold in stores & restaurants) info graphic. Grass Fed: Cattle eat their natural diet of grasses. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. Cattle roam open pasture to feed. Cattle naturally take 1.5-2 years to mature. Grainfed: Cattle eat 90% corn and 10% other: forage and cheap high-energy feeds like candy, starch, bakery waste, potato waste, pasta, chicken litter, meat processing waste... Antibiotics: 29 million pounds used on American livestock in 2009 for illnesses & growth production. Hormones: Implants or Injections are used to increase growth rate by 10-15%. Confined Feedlots: Restricting movement prevents cattle from using energy so they fatten quicker. 1 Year to Maturity: The combination of high energy foods, drugs, and confinement turns cows into cheap meat in half the time. Meat composition of grassfed cows is significantly healthier when analyzed for fat and nutrient content. Grassfed: 2-4 times more Omega 3 5 times more CLA More Vitamins & Minerals Grainfed: 4 times more fat per 3oz serving.

Date Uploaded: March 5th, 2014
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