I've done paper crafts all of my life and I really enjoy working with paper. I know how to make many thing from paper but recently I did a web search of paper crafts and was amazed at what I found. Of course, not everything listed under Paper crafts is worth the time it would take to make or would be worth the materials involved, but still.

Each year for Christmas, Maxi and I do many paper crafts and I am ready to tackle another snow palace this year. I haven't been willing to make one in a few years, but it is a tradition my mom taught us.

You save tubes from TP, paper towels or the mail. You save shoe boxes and small boxes. Then you build yourself a palace with them, covering each surface with white paper. Then you cut out aluminum foil bits for windows. You sit the whole thing on one big mirror or a board with a smaller mirror laid on it. Then you cover the surface of the board with cotton, leaving an area of the mirror exposed like a lake. You can trim the edges with silver glitter all around the turrets and the ramparts.

Then a nice touch is to add a red light down low behind the thing so it looks like the dawn.

Pretty! And if you have figures to put on the lake or in the snow, well then, that is super!

When Maxi was a baby I shopped and shopped for a doll house I could convert so that his Ice Palace would be more permanent rather than made new every year or so. Couldn't find one to suit, so I still make the paper kind.


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We were given two hands to hold, two eyes to see, two ears to listen & two legs to walk. But why were we given only one heart?
The other heart was given to another for us to find.