It has FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!He basically didn;t have much choice....He added on to the porch and turned it into a game room.If he didn't build the GH.I would have still brought the plants into the gameroom and any other warm hole I could find.
Its 12x12 with treated lumber.Has 3 slideing glass doors& a pair of windows from a sonic re model,(yep they thermal.)is 2 pieces of glass with some rubber thing.we took them out of the frames so I could seal them better.I DO still have my shade cloth,so will be able to use it if needed.He's curently in route to or from Lowes with the roofing lumber.what you see in the picture is $140 worth of lumber.

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1st wall
3 walls
taller wall with sonic windows
veiw with slideing doors

I'm curious about what flooring everyone uses.I'm trying to decide if want rock/gravel/mulch or maybe just lay some plastic down.

My 2nd question is about the security will get light from the security light at night...just your standard $79 light,but we pay $7 a month and when light goes out they replace it.It gives off white light.I assume a halogen light?I know they also carry the pink lighting casted is this current light of some benifit for the GH?

I'd like to add venting.MIL house has vents in attic on sides of house that automatically open and close at certain temps.Hubby thinks my 3 slideing doors will be plenty of ventilation.I'm also assumeing my temps will range close to the same as the porch's cold GH set up did.(exceept will not have the top vented the whole time unless stuff grocery baggies in top for wind to blow out) I STILL have my outdoor temp with alarm & can use it if find the other half that stays inside or will just buy another and should be able to just 'add' the 1st to it as it was set for adding up to 3 stations on it.

I'll post more pics when the roof gets on.I think for now we are going to put some plastic sheets on outside to keep the dogs from walking through it & depending how they hold up....I may keep them on when place the pannels on outside.we are doing the roof 1st.

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I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!