OK OK I know their ONLY moles but they are so numorious that I had to do somthing.I've tried traps, gum, CO2,water,and yes, they even escaped my pitch fork. After all that I have FINALLY found somthing that works.....mole fence. What I did was get some hardware cloth (1/4 " galvanized mesh) and cut it into 8" strips and then cut them the width of my flat spade. I folded over an inch of the cloth, drove the spade into the soil then followed up with the cloth on the end of the spade, driving IT into the "preformed" hole, pulling out the spade, leaving the fence behind. I continued placing them, end to end untill I got to about 20 feet either side of their area of activity. The first time I tryed this (July of 06) they managed to tunnal under a popular path (they like their paths and maintain them).I tryed to elimenate the food source with grub x and milky spore but they kept looking for a cheap meal. This year I extended the fence and used a new product called MOLE STOP. It seemed to discurage them long enough to keep them from wanting to invade the "old paths". I am now mole free. I see their paths parallel the under ground fence and duck back into the woods. Bottom line is, it works. Heres hoping I helped sombody, Dan

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