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Gallery Overhaul

August 3rd, 2017
I'm happy to say that I've just put the finishing touches on the Gallery system; it'll now properly list items by their pages, and the newer design makes it a lot easier to navigate.

Due to some Facebook updates over the last couple of months, several portions of the original layout just didn't work anymore (such as only being able to view page 1 of each album).
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Hardiness Index Overhaul

January 18th, 2017
This week we have overhauled the Hardiness Zones feature of our site to support International Zones, we also have a cleaner display for the various North American zones that we've listed in the past.

We have also added some data for Baltic States, Scandinavia, and some parts of Europe (more to come). As you'll note, each map covers several countries, so we provided information for those maps much like we've presented information for North America such as dialing codes, basic information abou
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Forum Upgrade (September, 2016)

September 1st, 2016
We have been beta testing the initial builds of the new version of the UBB.threads forum software here for some time; one thing that's been holding us back from the latest updates (which also include updates for mobile users) has been that the new date coding hasn't been completed (and still isn't as of this writing), so I modified it to use the old date coding.

This upgrade gives us many changes to how the forum functions (you can click here to read changes, we went from April 4th to August
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August 2016 - Front End Update

August 19th, 2016
In the coming weeks we'll be applying updates to the main site (not the forum) which can break several sections; we're aware that certain areas may not even work until the update has been completed.

We will keep you informed as the near completion of these updates; for up to date changes please see the Facebook Notification of this update.

8/27 @ 10 PM: I have got most of the "Front End" (what you, the user sees) done, the only lingering portions are sections that we do
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Server Update

October 10th, 2014
It has come to our attention that the Captcha image on the forum hasn't been loading for all users due to an inconsistency with the ImageMagick library on the server; this issue has been rectified this afternoon and should no longer plague users attempting to register for the forums.
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Code Refresh - 2014/10/06

October 7th, 2014
We've updated the site coding today to reflect our latest changes and features; generally some new User Interface updates (such as making the content borders smaller, adding the rounded corners on content boxes, etc).

We've also made several areas of the site easier to read; of which we haven't gotten all of the new systems updated to see the new revisions, this will be done in the next couple of days when I have more time to check the public files line by line to make sure they're up to the
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Today we've spent a lot of time on the content submission pages; making them a little cleaner by adjusting how the category (parent/child) hirearchy works and displays.

Before we just threw a list of categories at you and you couldn't see where each category belongs as far as the public display system is concerned, and it was pretty kludgy. Plus at times we have similar/same names for some sub-categories which could just lead to more confusion with how it all displayed.

With today's updat
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New Section - Reviews

May 11th, 2014
Today I've put the finishing touches on the "Reviews" section of the site; users can now submit reviews on various products that they've had experience working with.

Feel free to post what you can, I'll try my best to fill in the other fields that couldn't otherwise be filled.
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Small Updates

May 10th, 2014
We made several updates this morning to the underlying systems; "Post" and "Update" dates now display with content; the issue after this update was that not all of the systems had either column, so I had to do another so that if the updated column had an older date than the "posted" date it looked weird, so another small update to take that into account.

We've also taken and did some slight modifications to how things display (such as all JavaScript is loaded aft
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Site Release

May 8th, 2014
Initially I had wanted to get this ready and released before Spring, but I've been nit picking here and there for some time, trying to piece everything together as perfectly as possible; and I'm now fairly satisfied with how the back end coding looks and with how the site is presented to you, the user.

We'll be lacking content for a while until I can get more added into the database, but there are a bunch of systems available for you all to test drive until more articles and recipe's get adde
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New Site

April 30th, 2014
Welcome to the new site for A Gardeners Forum! I've been working long and hard to get this system pieced together.

There isn't very much content right now, but I hope in the coming future that myself, our staff, and ordinary users like you can remedy that.

Most of the systems allow users to submit content; all content must be approved by our staff before it displays online. All content will contain attributions to their original authors.
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