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Rita from Ohio Asks, "I'm not sure what the differences between Sedums and Succulents are; I would like to make a pot full of them, but I do not know which ones I want?"
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Joclyn from Pennsylvania Responds
A Sedum is a succulent, but not all succulents are sedums though. There are even some plants that have both succulent and non-succulent varieties such as the pepperomia, for example.

Margaret from New York Responds
A "Succulent" is the general word for a water storing plant; there are root succulents (plants that store water in their roots such as the calibanus hookeri, fockea, kedrostis, and dioscorea), stem succulents (such as the cacti, adenium, and pachypodium), and leaf succulents (such as a sedum, sempervivum, aloe, and agave).

Some plants are combinations (such as jades, which store water in stems and leaves); it's like squares and quadrilaterals, a square (sedum) is a quad (succulent) but most quads aren't squares.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on January 23rd, 2017
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