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Anacampseros · Article

Anacampseros is a genus consisting of a number of species of small perennial succulent plants, native to South Africa with one species from Australia. The botanical name Anacampseros is an ancient one for herbs supposed to restore lost love. The plants form clumping and bosal rosettes of smooth or hairy flesh succulent leaves in dense mats, developing a small caudex as they age, with white filamentous hairs along the stems. Leaves are lance-shaped or almost round; the more exposure to light, the more vivid the leaf-colors.

Anacampseros has flat, wheel-shaped flowers, colored from white to pale purple; these grow from time to time in summer, and open on sunny day only. The plants are self-fertile and produce seeds in a cup of upright filaments. They can reach 6 inches in height, and are dormant in winter.

Anacampseros Mill. is a synonym of the genus Sedum.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on June 9th, 2014 · Updated on October 23rd, 2018
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