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#53282 - 05/29/2007 02:04 AM Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots!
Questbest Offline

Registered: 05/14/2006
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Loc: Ontario,Canada
Help!My two 6-month old shepherd puppies continue to attack the two flower containers that I have on each side of my front door!They grabbed the annuals in there -vinca vine-petunias and geraniums and ripped them out.They have been scolded,kennelled and even smacked on the nose for doing it but I don't feel like they will refrain from doing it again once I replace the annuals.They have also turned over the pot and dumped all the soil out after demolishing the plants.Does anyone know of a non-toxic dog repellant that I can spray around the edges or on the plants so they will get the message.?We breed German shepherds and it is the forst time I have had puppies do this.

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#53301 - 05/29/2007 02:32 AM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: Questbest]
Rosepetal Offline
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Registered: 01/18/2004
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Loc: Canada - zone 2b
Hi there, Welcome to our great forum.

I really feel for you. I think most dogs love to dig in the soil, and it takes a while to train them. Mine did a bad one on me this year already, I tried my form of discipline on him so we'll see if he does it again. All that new dirt is just too tempting for them.

Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

#53355 - 05/29/2007 03:52 AM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: Rosepetal]
ND farm girl Offline
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Registered: 08/01/2006
Posts: 877
Loc: Page, ND
The Scarecrow 'sprinkler/sprayer". I bought my on Amazon but have seen them at garden stores. I have to turn mine on at night so that our big English Mastiff doesn't poop in the front yard. It is a motion detector, when it senses movement/heat, it sprays water (hooked up to the garden hose). Also scares away rabbits, deer, etc., and sometimes me or my husband or kids when we forget it's on and we get dreched with water!

#53374 - 05/29/2007 04:25 AM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: ND farm girl]
Questbest Offline

Registered: 05/14/2006
Posts: 42
Loc: Ontario,Canada
Actually Patty-they love playing with water-that would get them hyper all the more but what I might do is get a hard plastic toddler pool and let them use it in a different area to maybe use up some of that energy.I am at a loss on what to do?Maybe a scary voice that is motion sensor activated but doubt that would even work-they have no fear!

#53415 - 05/29/2007 12:23 PM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: Questbest]
starfish Offline

Registered: 11/15/2006
Posts: 114
Loc: Harrow, England
I had a long-haired pedigree German Shepherd for 14 years - great dogs!! And I also had the same problems as you. They will grow out of it enventually! In the meantime, there is a natural plant oil spray called Liquid FenceŽ Dog Repellent, which is biodegradable and may be what your looking for.

#53553 - 05/29/2007 02:18 PM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: starfish]
njoynit Offline
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Registered: 07/24/2003
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Loc: SE TX`in the yard somewhere mo...
I don't let Matt bring Maggie over to my yard.She gets along TOO WELL with my already destructive Rotti.Maggie gets in my pond& plays with plants& RIPS through my beds.she dumped out my minnows in pond too.she can jump 4 ft fences.Matt has a lake.I play ball with her when I fish so she'll stay out of the water and not chse my bopper too.She was 4 months when I dog sat her.she prefered the pond to the kiddie pool.At her house she just runs out in lake...sits down in it and drinks. My rotti plays with my containers....sometimes plants& all.pulls my fenceing up(white plastic border stuff)he chews on them.LEAPS over my plants.just this week he tried to UPROOT a rose vine growing through chainlink.hopefully it recovers.I have rebar pieces pounded in parts of the beds where he thinks he should lie.(poor gladiolus..horizontal blooms maybe?)I have a gap in the B&B salvia beside birdbath...he slept their one night.
I think we are waiting on him to outgrow this stage.My problem child 15 months.OHH the cow head skull is nailed to tree.He kept eating him.He's missing a jar now.He ripped my grapevine wreath off tree.I found it in lots of pieces.I had to think a few when I found it as to what it had been.

I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!

#55527 - 06/01/2007 03:54 AM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: njoynit]
swampfox Offline

Registered: 05/25/2007
Posts: 36
Loc: Washington Twp.Michigan Zone 6...

This is a sure fire way to keep little scruffy out of the plants and he will only do it once.

Sprinkle some chyanne pepper around the plants"not a lot"
and the first time "he or she" sniffs the site, beleive me
it will be the last. The next time "scruffy" looks at a
plant or pot they will have a flash back and start sneezing.

Good luck
from experence
Sometimes I wake up grouchy,other days I just let her sleep,while I'am outside in the garden she is
counting sheep. (%$#@%*#&@) sorry honey,I didn't
say that...honey put down that hoe... :(

#56037 - 06/01/2007 07:07 PM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: Questbest]
bethatredbud Offline

Registered: 06/01/2007
Posts: 1
Loc: Arkansas
Make a strong tea of red pepper flakes and spray it on the plants and pots. It won't hurt the plants (may even keep bugs away) but the puppies won't like the taste. It worked on collie puppies. I assume it will work with yours

#62186 - 06/10/2007 01:47 AM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: bethatredbud]
Questbest Offline

Registered: 05/14/2006
Posts: 42
Loc: Ontario,Canada
Thanx so much guys-she ripped out another container this week (after I made a concoction of strong garlic/cayenne pepper/thyme/ vinegar/black pepper and dish soap so my husband and I last night wrapped chicken wire around the containers to prevent her from attacking them agian .I have just replaced the red geranium in there,vinca vine ,red petunias and yellow petunias and I hope she doesn't get mad and pull the whole flower pot over and attack it.I sure hope she outgrows it-I noticed her today eating dandelions so I don't know if it is a boredom thing or what!!At any rate she will be away from thursday to sunday for a dog show so I will have peace of mind until then.

#62274 - 06/10/2007 03:20 AM Re: Desperate!To keep dogs out of the flower pots! [Re: Questbest]

this is a show dog? they are usually better behaved! i'd be reporting the dog's behavior to the local akc show group! she should be trained better than that.


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