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#352339 - 01/17/2012 at 09:59 AM my tulips are sprouting too early
tonye Offline

Registered: 01/17/2012 at 09:26 AM
Posts: 2
Loc: Indiana
Hi, i planted tulip bulbs for the first time last fall. We've had a VERY mild winter (Indiana) and the tulips are popping up already. i'm afraid they will start to bloom then cold weather will finally arrive and kill the blooms before they really get started. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks so much, tony

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#352346 - 01/17/2012 at 11:43 AM Re: my tulips are sprouting too early [Re: tonye]
plants 'n pots Offline
Purl One
30k Posts

Registered: 11/12/2003 at 08:00 PM
Posts: 31595
Loc: NY
Hi tonye - welcome to the gardenhelper!

Don't worry - my tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils were all up about an inch last week when we were also having unusually warm winter weather. Today we have rain and snow and it looks like winter has finally arrived.

My experience with these bulbs growing prematurely, is that they die back down, and the cold weather keeps them from flowering before they should. Each year they bloom on time, with full blooms.

Good luck!


#352354 - 01/17/2012 at 02:55 PM Re: my tulips are sprouting too early [Re: tonye]
Sunflowers Online   crazy
Northern Star
20k Posts

Registered: 06/04/2003 at 08:00 PM
Posts: 25751
Loc: Atlantic Canada
Same here, my tulips and daffy's get snowed on and still bloom later.

#352356 - 01/17/2012 at 04:00 PM Re: my tulips are sprouting too early [Re: tonye]
Bill Offline

10k Posts

Registered: 08/22/2002 at 08:00 PM
Posts: 14424
Loc: Cedar Hill, Washington

#352392 - 01/18/2012 at 01:54 AM Re: my tulips are sprouting too early [Re: tonye]

In the winter, what kills hardy plants and bulbs more often, not the ice but the cold itself. Make sure that the drainage in the container is excellent and the water from melting snow or from routine watering does not get trapped in the container to freeze will help keep you tulip bulbs alive over the winter.

While your tulips are growing and blooming during the spring, they will be storing energy to help them survive the winter. The more energy you can help them store, the more likely they are to survive. In containers, the bulbs will not have as much opportunity to seek out nutrients. You will be their only source to make sure they have enough.

While your tulip bulbs will not need much water over the winter, they will need some. If your tulip bulbs are stored in a place where they will get snowed on (and then watered by melting snow) or there has been a lack of precipitation over the winter, you will need to occasionally water your tulip bulbs in containers. If you need to provide water, about once a month, water the container. In the winter, tulip bulbs do not need to be fertilizer. Hold off on fertilizing until the early spring when you put the container back outside so that the tulips can grow.


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